DIY Pampas Grass Chandelier

Hey there! If you didn't already know, we currently live on an Army base in sunny Fort Huahuaca, AZ. The light fixtures that come standard with base housing can seriously put a damper on your home decor. Especially the one in our dining room! I decided to make a chandelier because the ones I wanted most were WAAAAAAAY out of my budget.

While scrolling through Pinterest I came across gorgeous pictures of pampas grass chandeliers and knew they were going to be mine! The only thing stopping me was the fact I could find absolutely no one selling them. I became obsessed but the pampas grass was so hard to find. I found literally one seller on Etsy at the time and that seller did not carry enough variations of pampas to make the chandelier that I had been dreaming about. I also had no clue how to go about this because I had found zero tutorials online. So, I did what any other sane person would have done and opted for a beaded tassel chandelier instead to distract me. It actually turned out gorgeous!

So why did I decide to finally make the pampas chandelier? Justin built us a new dining room table and I just knew it was time for all the pampas, ALL the pampas! I knew the chandelier I had pretended to stop thinking about would complement our new table perfectly. Luckily, there are now a ton of shops on Etsy and Amazon (these don't have the best reviews) who are now selling pampas grass.

Before we get into the supplies I'd like to address this light shade. We used this light shade from Lowe's as a base to build our chandelier off of because it fit the look I was going for, however you can use almost any other one of your choice:

Supplies :

- Twine

- Black zip ties

- Scissors

- Screwdriver (to remove old fixture if necessary)

- Pliers

- Light Shade

- Wreath (see below)

*I chose this faux branch wreath from Hobby Lobby so if it was seen through the bouquet it wouldn't be hard on the eyes.

Now for the pampas:

-Natural Large fluffy dried pampas grass

*I purchased four of these. You can purchase as much as you would like. This shop is sold out currently but there are more shops that have fluffy pampas grass. 

-Pampas grass 10 stems


- Dried rabbit tail grass pink rose/60pcs


-Natural dried pampas grass

*I purchased white but please purchase the color of your choice

 - Three dried eucalyptus bunches  (Hobby Lobby)

* these come in many colors

- Three to four bunches of dried oat (Hobby Lobby)

- One bunch of Lagurus (Hobby Lobby)

- One bunch of Mahogany Pods (Hobby Lobby)


Step 1. Make bouquets using the different pampas and fillers (eucalyptus leaves, etc.) and wrap the in twine somewhat toward the middle of the bouquet. Make small and medium ones, but save the large fluffy pampas grass for the end so you can see where you will like them best. Do not use all the fillers so you can add them in at the end to fill in any open spots.

Step 2. Going counter clockwise tie each bouquet to your floral wreath with the twine making sure its tight but not too tight so you can add to it if needed. Make the inner circle close together to prevent a gap, this will be the top ring of the chandelier. We laid the fluffy end of each bouquet on top of the wreath and the stick ends went underneath (see pic below):

Step 3. Secure floral wreath to your light fixture. We used four pieces of twine which were evenly spaced and secured to the wreath first, the other ends then being secured to the light cable with zip ties. The zip ties allow you to pull the twine in and out to level the wreath before cinching them tight. They're hard to see in the picture below, but the zip ties are right above the light socket where the twine meets the light socket cable (I know, it's a mess):

Step 4. Add the rest of your bouquets going clockwise and pointing down (this time the fluffy ends are underneath the wreath and the stick ends are above. Secure these with twine as well. This creates the second layer making the chandelier look full and balanced.

Step 5. Using scissors, cut off the stick ends of the bouquets that protrude from the chandelier. 

Step 6. Take a step back, breath, admire and then jump back in! Fill in any gaps you see with the filler you saved from earlier and add your fluffy pampas grass in whatever way makes you happy. 

 Step 7. Stare at YOUR chandelier instead of the ones you found online! Seriously. The end. Go make yours!



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